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Here are just a selection of items available from our stock.

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers, Tumble Dryers, Vacuums, Microwaves, etc.

Other items include:

Electrical Appliance RepairLighting: Low energy lamps and compact fluorescent’s.

Electrical Appliance RepairCandles, Golf balls, gls, Reflectors and Strip lights in most wattage’s and fittings.

Electrical Appliance RepairLow voltage dichroic and capsule lamps.

Electrical Appliance RepairPygmy bulbs, Oven and Microwave bulbs.

Electrical Appliance RepairUnusual light bulbs: are also stocked.

Electrical Appliance RepairCut to size: Cooker hood, vacuum and fryer filters.

Electrical Appliance RepairFlex and cables, by the metre .

Electrical Appliance RepairHousehold electrical: Sockets, Switches, Junction boxes, Trunking, Fuses, Cable clips, etc.

Electrical Appliance RepairBatteries: Most sizes of common batteries, rechargeable’s, button cells, Camera batteries,cordless phone batteries and more.

Electrical Appliance RepairTorches: We keep a good selection of torches including LED lanterns and pocket. We also sell spare torch bulbs.